Inryu Bobbi Ponce-Barger

Photo of Inryu Bobbi Ponce-Barger

All Beings Zen Sangha

Rev. Inryu Bobbi Ponce-Barger is a Soto Zen Buddhist priest in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, the founder of the San Francisco Zen Center.  The name Shin Chi Inryu,  (身知隱竜) “Body Wisdom Hidden Dragon” was the Dharma name given to her by Dairyū Michael Wenger Roshi in 2005. Inryū received Dharma Transmission from Dairyū Wenger Roshi in July 2017.  She is a founding member of and serves as the Guiding Teacher and resident priest for All Beings Zen Sangha which is a  Branching Streams affiliated Sangha located in Washington DC.  Rev. Inryū is on the Advisory Council for the Suzuki Roshi SFZC Branching Streams Network and she serves as the Secretary for the Board of Directors for the Soto Zen Buddhist Association.   She enjoys viewing the horizon and the poetry of Shide and Hānshān.