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Taihaku Priest (President)

Shinkai Tanaka lineage
East Calais, VT

Taihaku Priest was born in 1946 and grew up in Marblehead, Massachusetts.  From age 18 -24 she practiced at a meditation retreat in seclusion.  In 1971 she was sent by Suzuki Roshi to Japan to study Buddhism.  She practiced under Noiri Hakusan Roshi and Tanaka Shinkai Roshi among others.  She is a mother and grandmother.  She received jukai from Hakusan Roshi in 1988 and priest ordination from Tanaka Shinkai Roshi in 1999 followed by Priest training at Hokyoji Training Monastery in Japan until 2007.  She received Dharma transmission in 2005 from Tanaka Shinkai Roshi.  She built and established Shao Shan Temple, a small country temple in Vermont.  She is now serving as its Abbott and leads a growing sangha.  She was appointed to be a member of the SZBA Board in 2010 and appointed as president in October, 2012.