Zen Center of New York City, Fire Lotus Temple

Photo of Zen Center of New York City, Fire Lotus Temple Address:
500 State Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Website: www.mro.org/firelotus/

Email: zcnyc@mro.org

Phone: (718) 875-8229

The Zen Center of New York City, Fire Lotus Temple, is the New York City branch of Zen Mountain Monastery, the main house of the Mountains and Rivers Order. Supporting home practitioners in the metropolitan area, ZCNYC offers varied practice opportunities within the Eight Gates training matrix.

The training at the Temple is supervised by Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Sensei, with assistance from senior monastics of the Order.

Featuring an ongoing, daily schedule of zazen, Saturday retreats in the Eight Gates of Zen, and an extended Sunday program, the Temple helps to strengthen everyday Zen practice.

Designed as a lay center, the Temple is especially suited for those who are developing a meditation practice and studying Buddhism within the context of their lives at home, in the workplace, and within the bustle of city life.

The Zen Center offers a refuge of quiet and stability within which to find one’s still point, so that one may more fully and freely offer oneself to the world. Many practitioners in the New York City area find deep nourishment for their spiritual journey by attending retreats at the Monastery and participating in activities at the Temple.

Newcomers are invited to attend the beginning instruction in zazen that follows the Sunday morning service each week.

Location: Centrally located in Brooklyn, NY, at 500 State Street, in the vicinity of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Temple is easily accessible. It is within three blocks of all major subway routes and there is ample parking nearby.

The temple is open to anyone genuinely interested in exploring and practicing Zen Buddhism — those new to Zen or meditation practice, as well as more experienced practitioners.

Affiliated Teachers:
Geoffrey Shugen Arnold