Soji Zen Center

Photo of Soji Zen Center Address:
2325 West Marshall Road
Lansdowne, PA 19050



Phone: 917-856-5659

Soji Zen Center is a contemporary Buddhist center providing instruction in Zen meditation, philosophy and contemplation techniques for training the mind. We are guided by our founding teacher, Jules Shuzen Harris Roshi. Click here for more about our teachers.

  Soji Zen Center is part of the White Plum lineage which brings together elements of Japanese Soto and Rinzai traditions of Zen Buddhism to teach intensive awareness sitting practice (Zazen) and koan study (Zen riddles) to beginners who want to learn about meditation, as well as to experienced practitioners of Zen Buddhism to strengthen their technique. “Soji is a place where people can go to slow down, meditate and learn about the healing qualities of the mind.” said Jules Shuzen Harris. “We all agree that training the body through exercise and diet is beneficial, but rarely in Western society do we focus on awakening the healing energies in our brain.” For directions click on the locationlink.
  The heart of our practice is meditation, click here for our schedule. Shuzen Sensei also employs two innovative western psychological processes to aid students in their quest for self-realization; Zen Dialogue and the I-System.
  Zen Dialogue This process is based on the fact (observation) that the most straightforward and reliable way to deal with the quest for enlightenment is to enlist the help of the controlling ego. By the end of the process participants will awaken to the role of “unity consciousness” in their life.
  Recognizing your Identity System This technique enables us to explore the human identity and how it works to disrupt our natural mind-body connections and restricts our awareness and feeling.

Affiliated Teachers:
Jules Shuzen Harris