Sanga Soto Zen Budista Águas da Compaixão

110 Rua Eliziário Goulart da Silva, Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul,


Phone: (51) 3085-7476

Motivated by the teachings of the Waters of Compassion Bodhisattva Kannon, this Sangha of Porto Alegre, RS, was established in May 2007, with the name “Soto Zen Sangha Waters Compassion” or “Jisui Zendo” (Japanese name).

Linked to school Japanese Soto Zen , through its Office for South America (Sokan-bu) and the Buddhist Community Zenshu Soto from South America (Busshinji Temple) of São Paulo, this is a Sanga that wants to welcome everyone, each of according to their need and desire, and to offer those who wish it a path of profound self-transformation, according to the teachings of Buddhism and Soto Zen under the spiritual guidance of Monja Isshin Havens .

Affiliated Teachers: