Ryumonji Zen Monastery

Photo of Ryumonji Zen Monastery Address:
2452 Ryumon Rd
Dorchester, IA 52140

Website: www.ryumonji.org

Email: shoken@oneota.net

Phone: (563) 546-1309

Ryumonji is a Soto Zen Buddhist Monastery. It is registered as a formal temple with Soto Zen Headquarters in Japan.

The name “Ryu-mon-ji” is comprised of three Japanese characters meaning “Dragon Gate Temple”. It’s an ancient name that comes from a Chinese legend. The legend is that there is a gate in the ocean where huge waves repeatedly rise. The fish that can pass through the waves of this gate become dragons. Dragons are mythological characters that represent qualities of great strength and compassion. The waves there are no different than the waves anywhere else. The waves of everyday life are the dragon gate. How we pass through these waves is our human challenge.

Affiliated Teachers:
Ryoten Mary Lehmann
Shoken Winecoff
Myoko Laura Demuth
Eido Bruce Espe
TaiJu Geri Wilimek