Milwaukee Zen Center / Kokyo-an

Photo of Milwaukee Zen Center / Kokyo-an Address:
2825 N. Stowell Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53211



Phone: (414) 936-0526

The Milwaukee Zen Center offers practice and study in the Soto Zen tradition of Buddhism.

This tradition emphasizes a practice of shikantaza or “just sitting” as a way for us to come to understand the reality of each moment. As we wholeheartedly sit, we begin to understand how our own minds prevent us from being complete just as we are.

Unlike mountains, rivers, trees, clouds and lakes, we constantly seek to be other than we are, dissatisfied with who and what we think we are.

As we sit, we gradually come more into the present moment, neither clinging to nor pushing away the thoughts that come into our minds. This is zazen, or zen sitting, which is to be here and now with our whole body and mind, not constantly judging this moment and wishing it were other than it is.

We sit quietly in an upright posture, using cushions, kneeling benches and chairs.

You are invited to join us in this practice at any of the scheduled times. The door will be open.

Affiliated Teachers:
Tomon Lisa Marr
Reirin Alheidis Gumbel*