Marin Zen Meditation

Dominican University, 75 Magnolia Avenue,
San Rafael, CA 94901


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Our intention is to practice mindfulness and loving-kindness with our families, places of work, relationships and ourselves. We have been meditating and studying the dharma together for over twenty years. Marin Zen Meditation was founded in 1995 by Myōgen Steve Stücky, former Abbot of San Francisco Zen Center. Our sangha is lead by Head Priest Koshin Christine Palmer and Lay Entrusted Jakugan Tom Millard.  Our weekly Monday evening program is a blend of zazen meditation, service dedicated to well-being and a dharma talk offering with free-flowing discussion. In addition to the Monday program, once a month we offer a Retreat Night. This is an evening of silence, sitting and walking meditation. Please join us whenever you like.

We are affiliated with a wide range of practice sanghas including Green Gulch Farm, San Francisco Zen Center and many smaller sanghas within the Suzuki Roshi lineage of Branching Streams. We offer meditation and support sangha within Zen Buddhist teachings.

If you have questions or to make arrangements for newcomer instruction , please contact Christine:

Join us for Meditation, Dharma Study. Monday evenings. 6:45-7:55 p.m. Dominican University’s, Saint Catherine Benincasa Chapel, located in the Edgehill Mansion, 75 Magnolia Ave. San Rafael, CA

Affiliated Teachers:
Christine Koshin Palmer