Everyday Zen Foundation

Photo of Everyday Zen Foundation Address:
48 Charlotte's Way
Muir Beach, CA 94965

Website: www.everydayzen.org

Email: zoketsu@aol.com

Phone: (415) 581-8125

The Everyday Zen Foundation’s mission is to share the Zen attitude, spirit, and practice with the world. It is dedicated to listening to the world, to changing it and being changed by it.

Everyday Zen’s work involves many areas: traditional zen practice (talks, retreats, personal relationship); work with Jewish and Christian meditation, with the dying, with lawyers and conflict resolvers, with business, with poetry and literature. This work is accomplished through Norman’s teaching and writing and traveling, as well as through the activities of the many supporters and practitioners of Everyday Zen, all of whom are engaging with spiritual practice in the world.

Affiliated Teachers:
Peter van der Sterre
Hoka Chris Fortin
Zoketsu Norman Fischer