Everyday Dharma Zen Center

Photo of Everyday Dharma Zen Center Address:
113 New Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Website: www.everydayDharma.org

Email: everydaydh@aol.com

Phone: (831) 469-4248

Everyday Dharma Zen Center is a community dedicated to cultivating compassion and wisdom. We practice Buddhist meditation, learning how to deepen our practice in our everyday lives. We combine the practices of Zen (“Stillness Abiding,” one interpretation of shikan-taza or “just sitting”), and Vipassana (Insight) meditation techniques in highlighting the everyday nature of Buddhist practice.

Our experience is that we suffer less if we first notice our thoughts, reactions, and emotions. Then we can ask, “Do I want to do this? Will this truly make me happier?” In this way, mindfulness becomes the foundation of freedom and, hopefully, of serenity. At the same time, by developing a quiet mind and by cultivating mental stillness through Stillness Abiding, we can begin the erode our negative habits and respond more skillfully in our everyday lives.

Our practice together is also an act of creation. Since we focus on our actual, lived experience – right here, right now – we concentrate on how these ancient wisdom teachings – and other, newer ones – can help us grow in understanding and kindness.

Affiliated Teachers:
Carolyn Joshin Atkinson