Decorah Zen Center

116 Washington St.
Decorah, IA 52101



The Decorah Zen Center (DZC) seeks to provide an environment that encourages the cultivation of mindful awareness and nurtures a community dedicated to living wholeheartedly with compassion for all beings.

We serve a diverse group of lay practitioners in the Decorah area by offering a regular schedule of meditation. We provide instruction in the practice of zazen, or sitting meditation, in accordance with the Soto Zen tradition. DZC offers practitioners the opportunity to explore and study the history and practice of Buddhism. We provide a variety of lectures, workshops, group discussions and practice opportunities in order to further our understanding and appreciation of the Soto Zen tradition.

The Decorah Zen Center is a project of Ryumonji Zen Monastery. We work closely with the monastery and encourage all those interested in further developing their practice to participate in the residential opportunities made available at the monastery.

Affiliated Teachers:
Myoko Laura Demuth
Shoken Winecoff