Clear Water Temple/Vallejo Zen Center

Photo of Clear Water Temple/Vallejo Zen Center Address:
607 Branciforte Street
Vallejo, CA 94590



Phone: (707) 649-2480

Clear Water is the name of the Zendo at the Vallejo Zen Center. It is a Soto Zen Buddhist Temple in the tradition of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi and the San Francisco and Berkeley Zen Centers. The center offers regular meditation, meditation instruction, classes, one-day sittings, work practice, lectures and special workshops.

The name of the zendo, Clear Water, Comes from a poem by Zen Master Dogen, “The Point of Zazen.”

Realization, neither general nor particular,
is effort without desire.
Clear water all the way to the bottom;
a fish swims like a fish.
Vast sky transparent throughout;
a bird flies like a bird.

The purpose of the zendo is to offer a place for us to practice clarity together, a place to sit down, quiet our minds and pay attention. Compassion grows from this. What else is there?

Affiliated Teachers:
Zenki Mary Mocine