Brevard Zen Center

Photo of Brevard Zen Center Address:
1261 N. Range Rd.
Cocoa, FL 32926


Email: genjo.gallagher@gmail.ocm

Phone: (321) 795-6572

Ryugen-Ji Temple 龍源寺 at the Brevard Zen Center is a zen temple on the Space Coast of Central Florida, in the White Plum lineage of Taizan Maezumi Roshi and Louis Mitsunen Kyogen Nordstrom Roshi. It is also an affiliate of the Zen Peacemaker Order.

The purpose of Brevard Zen Center is to make accessible and embody the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha, as expressed in the Soto Zen tradition established by Dogen Zenji in 13th-century Japan and conveyed to us by Louis Mitsunen Kyogen Nordstrom Roshi and other Buddhist teachers.

Our practice flows from the insight that all beings are Buddha, and that sitting in meditation is itself the realization of Buddha-nature, or enlightenment.

Affiliated Teachers:
James Genjo Gallagher