Ashland Zen Center / Siskiyou Sansui Do

Photo of Ashland Zen Center / Siskiyou Sansui Do Address:
740 Tolman Creek Rd
Ashland, OR 97520



Phone: (541) 552-1175

Ashland Zen Center is a Soto Zen Buddhist temple in the lineage of Suzuki Roshi.

Our temple was founded in 1993 by senseis Jintei Harold Little and Etsudo Patty Krahl.

Ashland Zen Center offers non-residential, temple-based training.

Temple-based training provides the opportunity to practice with teachers, priests and a sangha while fully, meaningfully engaged in work and family life.

One-day sittings, sesshins and extended retreats provide students additional opportunities to deepen practice.

We are a non-profit organization, maintained and supported entirely by donations and volunteers.

Ashland Zen Center is an affiliate center of Branching Streams, a network of dharma centers in the lineage of Suzuki Roshi, and a member of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association.

Affiliated Teachers:
Etsudo Patricia Krahl
Jintei Harold Little