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SZBA Bylaws, Policy & Adopted Documents

SZBA Bylaws (revised when the SZBA reincorporated in CA in 2011)
SZBA Ethics Statement (2011) (also see Ethics Resource Page)
Guidelines for the Formation of Soto Zen Priests in the West (2008)
List of Women Ancestors (2010)
Nominating Process (for SZBA Board Members, 2011)
SZBA Major Decision-Making Process (2015)
Listserv Guidelines (2013)
SZBA Membership Standards (2017)
SZBA Forum Policy (2018)
SZBA Right Speech Guidelines (2013)

Other SZBA Documents & Business

SZBA History – Updated November 2017
Board Minutes & Committee Reports
History of the Development of Standards for Full Membership
Draft Standards for Full Membership (April 2014)

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