Midwest Soto Zen Community

Photo of Midwest Soto Zen Community Address:
628 Grand Canyon Dr.
Madison, WI 53719

Website: http://www.mszc.org/

Email: dale@mszc.org

Phone: 608.274.0822

Madison, Wisconsin based Midwest Soto Zen Community (MSZC) provides instruction and workshops on Zen Buddhism in a collaborative, non-hierarchical format, a method uniquely suitable to the lifestyle of the lay practitioner.

MSZC follows the Soto Zen form of practice placing special emphasis on the Zen attributes of spiritual autonomy and equality within a harmonious community. Principles of dialogue and discussion are used to guide activities.

Participation in scheduled events is open to any interested individual. There are no membership fees. Events are funded on a pay-as-you-go basis and because there are no buildings or other overhead, expenses for retreats, talks, and other events can be held to a minimum.

Affiliated Teachers:
Renshin Barbara Verkuilen
Taizen Dale Verkuilen