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SZBA Response to Shootings of Jewish & African Americans on October 26-27

November 2nd, 2018


The Soto Zen Buddhist Association stands with our Jewish spiritual family, including our Jewish SZBA members, in mourning the loss of the eleven people who died at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We stand with our African American spiritual family, including our African American SZBA members, in mourning the loss of the two people who were murdered in Louisville, Kentucky this week. We stand with all those who have had to mourn the victims of hatred.

We call on the leadership of the United States of America to immediately stop using words to cause harm. Words matter. Harsh speech evokes hatred in people’s hearts. It divides us.

Right speech evokes love and compassion in people’s hearts. May we, as Zen priests, model a different way of using words—to connect, to heal, and to love each other. May we use our words to demonstrate a way of connecting that is beyond words. Fellow Zen priests, please speak up, even in situations where we are uncomfortable. Words are powerful. Let us use their power for the benefit of all beings.

~The SZBA Board